About me

I have lived in the Salt Lake Valley my entire life. I have taken full advantage of living near the Wasatch Mountains.  As a boy my Dad taught me how to fish the rivers in the Wasatch canyons.  I have climbed to the top of Twin peaks, Lone Peak, Mt. Olympus and Timpanogos.  I have scaled sheer cliff faces over the last 20 years with my professional rock climbing brother Steven Jeffery.  I have launched off the top of Francis Peak with wings on my back and have logged over 100 hours of hang gliding at The Point of The Mountain.  I have skied every resort except for The Canyons and Deer Valley.  I am predominantly right brain.  I love wood working and painting.  I have sold several art pieces in galleries.  I have been blessed to have a career that allows me to be creative.  

As a photographer  I am honored that anyone would invite me into their life to capture the emotion and beauty of the people and events that are most dear to them.   

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